Innovative Entertainment Corporation

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    Innovative Entertainment Corporation is the official events group of West Side We seek pleasure and fun for the players willing to attend or create an event. Our goal is to give a good vibe to the community by being active and being happy. This group is also a basic start for your gang/squad/company to show activity by creating events. Everything included in IEC will be written in this topic.


    Manager: Manager of IEC, has the highest authority.
    High Council: Veteran staff, organised many events and has enough rights to speak about future plans of IEC.
    Trusted Council: Can handle events most of the time without a flaw. They've already gained High Council Members' trust.
    Council: They've passed their training period. Still assisting High Council and Trusted Council to gain experience


    • You are not allowed to kick / ban from the event for no reason!

    • Do not abuse building ability

    • Respect Players & Admins

    • You are not allowed to spam advert script!

    • You are not allowed to Deathmatch

    • Respect highest ranked members

    • Do not go afk as IEC

    • Do not abuse bugs report to staff.

    • Do not avoid stars by spawning as IEC.

    • You are not allowed to spawn any of event vehicles on the default world